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Perry Mendenall has over 19 years of Law Enforcement experience. He has served as an Auxiliary Officer for Campus Police, a Military Police Officer, Special Deputy Sheriff and currently as a Reserve Police Officer, in addition to over 15 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections. Perry has worked as a Corrections Officer, Sergeant, Training Lieutenant and currently holds the position of Ordnance Unit Specialist in charge of all Firearms, Chemical Agent, and Disturbance Control training for the MDOC. Perry spent over 5 years as a Tactical Team Leader for the Department's Emergency Response Team, where he conducted or supervised numerous high risk cell extractions of assaultive and non-compliant prisoners.

Perry is a full time professional Law Enforcement Instructor who has over 10 years experience as an Instructor of Defensive Tactics, Chemical Agents and Firearms. Perry instructs more than 1000 Michigan Department of Corrections staff annually in advanced firearms drills, handgun and long gun retention techniques, as well as disarming techniques. Perry also teaches and develops the MDOC Disturbance/ Riot Control training program, Handgun Retention program, Chemical Agent program, and all the weapons programs for the Departments Emergency Response Teams. Perry instructs staff in the repair and maintenance of the Ruger Mini-14 rifle, Glock Pistol, and Remington 870 Shotgun.

Perry is a certified Master Instructor for Combined Tactical Solutions in Less Lethal/ Chemical Munitions, Chemical Aerosols and Flash Bangs.

Perry has also completed many national level Instructor courses from around the U.S. Including but not limited to:

Ground Defense Instructor
Ground Survival Instructor
Basic and Advanced Firearms Instructor
Intermediate Use of Force Instructor- Batons, OC/CS, Tactical Handcuffing
Advanced Sniper Instructor

Perry is the Founder and Director of Operations for Complete Tactical Solutions, a training company specializing in Police, Corrections, and Security Defensive Tactics and Specialized Firearms Instruction, from real world instructors.

Perry holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Art of Combat Hapkido and currently operates a charter Combat Hapkido School in Jackson, MI.

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