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T. Kent Nelson

CUTTING EDGE Defense Tactics

with T. Kent Nelson

Based out of Lansing, MI., "CUTTING EDGE Defensive Tactics” is a branch of T. Kent Nelson instruction designed to provide both Law Enforcement & Security Personnel with top quality defensive tactics training which center around three main principles:

EASY to Learn, EASY to Use, EASY to Remember

In all courses we offer, our main goal is NOT on teaching your officers or staff a lot of techniques to memorize, nor is it to show them complicated martial arts movements.

Our focus is teaching them Concept Motions based around Simplicity, Functionality, and most importantly a Survival & Control Mindset.

We focus on survival & control strategies as well as techniques, and chose to do this largely because we believe the best technique to control any situation is your mindset.

You can know all the fancy movements in the world, but if an officer is overtaken by fear and confusion he can be rendered helpless and frozen. Therefore we focused on various drills officers can do despite whatever system their department has taught them thus far, ie: GAGE, Krav Maga, PPCT, ISR, Lockdown, Controlled F.O.R.C.E., or even CUTTING EDGE Defensive Tactics.

The skills from these drills can be applied in multiple high resistance situations. Examples of these ground breaking drills are:

- Fear Control Drills
- Stress Inoculation Drills
- Reactionary Drills
- Scenario Based Drills
- Controlled Aggression Drills
- Adrenaline Control Drills
- Gross Motor Drills

The objectives of our courses is to teach your people the ability to handle dangerous situations in a manner which will:

Increase the SAFETY for the person performing it.
Increase the SAFETY for the person receiving it.
Lower your risk of liability through proper training.
Lower your Workman's Compensation claims by untrained or under-trained staff.

We will educate your officers or staff through a teaching formula which is SAFE, CONTROLLED, and EFFECTIVE.

Your officers or staff are the ones who look out for other people. Our job is to look out for them. They need something quick, easy & effective. They need an edge.

Give them the CUTTING EDGE.

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