Brad Drown - The Practice of Probation and Parole

Brad Drown

The Practice of Probation and Parole

with Brad Drown

Brad Drown has served 29 years in the field. He began his career in the 1970’s as a police officer and evidence technician for the City of Concord, New Hampshire. In the 1980’s he served the Concord District Court as a probation officer for juvenile and misdemeanor adult clients, rising to the level of Chief Probation Officer. In 1988 he joined the NH Department of Corrections as a Senior Probation/Parole Officer where he has served in the field as an Intensive Supervision Officer, Electronic Monitor specialists and Unit Team Manager with the NH Shock Incarceration Unit.

Brad retired from the field in 2006, and founded NHComCor which provides consulting services in probation, parole and community corrections. Brad holds a Master in Business Administration and has an interest in the effective funding and accountability of community corrections programs.

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