Rikers Island inmate accused of ‘swatting’ mom who wouldn’t pay his bail

The inmate continuously made fake emergency calls and sent police to his mother’s home because she wouldn’t pay his bail

By News Staff

NEW YORK — An inmate is facing 31 counts of reckless endangerment and false reporting for making repeated fake emergency calls that sent police to his mother’s home.

Prosecutors say the inmate continuously made calls because his mother, Christine Black, wouldn’t bail him out of jail, ABC 7 reports.

"It was really so frustrating, because I didn't know what was happening. I didn't know who was doing this," said Black.

Black’s son, 34-year-old James Truell, suffers a mental illness.He’s currently awaiting trial for multiple armed robberies.

Police determined Truell called 311 from Rikers and then urged them to transfer him to 911.

"This was an unusual circumstance and does not occur often,” The New York Department of Corrections told ABC 7. “We believe that providing 311 is crucial to give those in custody a necessary outlet to raise any concerns."

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