10 more unforgettable jail mug shots

These booking photos will haunt your dreams

By C1 Staff

If there’s one thing that can last longer than a prison sentence, it’s the legacy of an offender’s mugshot. The booking photo doesn’t always capture someone’s best side, but sometimes it comes out downright weirder than expected. Here are ten unforgettable mugshots that will haunt your dreams.

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10. Kelsey Smith endured multiple tasings during his arrest after he allegedly parked in the middle of an intersection in Deltona, Fla. Police said his eyes appeared glossy and he smelled of alcohol. The result was this mugshot. (Volusia County Jail)


9. Adam Roberts and his skeleton-like face tattoo allegedly burglarized 28 storage lockers in Godfrey, Ill. Madison County Capt. Mike Dixon told a local paper that Roberts' appearance was"the oddest thing I've ever seen in 20-plus years of law enforcement." (Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

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8. Caleb Russell allegedly made a bomb threat while aboard a CTA bus during rush hour in Chicago. (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)


7. Andrei Bibbs was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Blue Island, Ill. (Will County Sheriff’s Office)

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6. Jamie Calloway took this picture after being arrested for allegedly stalking a corrections officer -- whom she'd met while she was previously in jail. The 33-year-old was also an unknown YouTube personality, going by the alias "Jamie Godhead Platinum." Appropriate, no? (Facebook)


5. This unnamed inmate got right to the point with his mustache tattoo. (TheSmokingGun.com)

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4. Sean Carl Payne was allegedly so intoxicated that after his arrest (for public intoxication) an officer had to hold his head up for his mugshot. (Humble Police)


3. The "666" tattoo and horn piercing decorating this murder suspect's nose come off as an understatement compared to the bulging round implants protruding from his skull in this unforgettable 2011 mugshot. (Berkshire District Attorney)

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2. This Oregon burglary suspect was dubbed "Moss Man" after police say he was arrested in full-body camouflage in October 2010. The next year he failed to show up to his trial, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. (Portland Police)


1. This "Half Head Man" mugshot went viral in 2012 after this man, who allegedly went by "Halfy" was charged with soliciting prostitution. His flattened skull came from a car accident he got into while on drugs, he claimed. (Miami-Dade Corrections)

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