Inmate charged in murder of CO attacks officers

An inmate charged in the murder of CO Steven Floyd is reportedly responsible for a recent attack on officers in another prison

By CorrectionsOne Staff

DOVER, Del. — One of the inmates charged with the murder of a CO in the deadly 2017 Delware prison riot is reportedly responsible for a recent attack on officers in another prison.

The Delaware State News reports that on Saturday, no fewer than four corrections officers were dispatched to subdue the inmate to return to his cell. When the inmate refused to comply with officers’ commands, he began throwing punches.

After officers attempted to use pepper spray, the inmate hit an officer in the face, causing an injury and breaking the officer’s glasses. The inmate was eventually subdued and returned to his cell.

The incident resulted in injuries to four COs, with one requiring medical attention at a nearby hospital.

The inmate is one of several prisoners charged with the murder of CO Steven Floyd, who was killed following a riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. The unidentified inmate was transferred to the Sussex Correctional Institution after the deadly riot, where the recent incident occurred.

Geoff Klopp, President of the Correctional Officers Association of Delaware, said this recent incident at SCI was “not properly staffed to handle this situation.”

“The effects of the murder of Steven Floyd are still being felt throughout the corrections system in Delaware,” Klopp said. “Roving security is never in the right place at the right time, no matter how hard we try. The same problem persists — we need corrections officers in every facility and there is only one way to get them: pay them what the position and the work requires. Give them a reason to stay once they’re here. Protect them while they’re here.”

Klopp said the inmate was performing “duties” on the tier at the time of the incident. It’s unclear why an inmate charged with murder was out of his cell performing the duties.

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