Patriot3 is Proud to Introduce the New Hydraulic Liberator

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The Patriot3 Hydraulic Liberator is the most innovative and versatile armored vehicle-mounted tactical ramp systems available.  Patriot3 systems are currently utilized by the most elite military and police units around the world and offer teams a new dynamic for a multitude of critical situations.  The Liberator directly increases a team’s operational success by greatly enhancing speed, surprise and domination to nearly every tactical situation all with armored protection.  The Liberator mounts on a variety of small armored vehicles such as the Lenco BearCat, Peacekeeper, etc. to greatly enhance and increase the functionality of agency’s armored vehicles.  The system is lightweight, adding only minimal additional weight to the vehicle and without interfering with the vehicle’s turret system.

With the Patriot3 Hydraulic Liberator ramp system, armored vehicles are more versatile offering an increased capability to a team’s ability to achieve conflict resolution.  The Patriot3 system allows for overwhelming simultaneous assault and/or rescue capability to the first, second and third floors, access to any aircraft including the new Airbus A-380 and Boeing 747 upper doors and various docked maritime vessels, all from a single platform.   This system will offer agencies a new and innovative tool to decisively resolve even the most complex of situations encountered by your team.

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