BlackHawk Introduces HydraStorm Disposable Reservoir System

Mike Noell, CEO and President of BlackHawk Products Group announced today the introduction of BlackHawk's Disposable Reservoir System. "BlackHawk has been working with our Military and Law Enforcement customers for the past 8 years to meet their hydration needs. We have continually heard from our customers that they need to ensure clean, pure water is not being contaminated by the bladder itself and to keep users properly hydrated, they needed a convenient system to provide more than just one, 100 oz bladder full of water. They also were looking for ways to make it easy to take a bladder in and out of their pack without re-threading the tube through their equipment each time. In the case of high performance activities, this bladder gives you the ability to add nutritional supplements without the burden of cleaning and sanitizing the bladder in the field," explained Noell.

"In response to this customer feedback, we have completely redesigned our HydraStorm line to be the best in the industry and incorporated its patented Quick-Disconnect Port into the disposable system as well. The Quick-Disconnect Port serves as not only the connection point to attach the delivery tube, but can also be used as a way to re-fill the disposable bladder so that no fill cap is required," added Noell.

BlackHAWK's Disposable Reservoir System

Ruddock also announced the signing of a teaming agreement with PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc. of Matawan, New Jersey (OTCBB: PHLI). "We are currently testing many applications for the disposable. The ability to pre-load a dry nutritional supplement into the disposable bladder allows for convenient field ready nutrition and eliminates the nasty job of cleaning." PacificHealth Laboratories is the maker of Accelerade®, the only sports drink consisting of the patented 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein offering significant benefits in terms of greater endurance and less muscle damage post-exercise as well as equal hydration. "We are working together to better understand how to incorporate better hydration and nutrition through BlackHawk's disposable systems to best meet the performance requirements of our customers. PacificHealth Laboratories has made some of the most significant advances in sports drink research in the last 35 years. When you couple that nutritional research with BlackHawk's innovative design, we are able to make a dramatic impact on our customer's performance," concluded Ruddock.

BlackHawk will introduce both the new HydraStorm Disposable system and their new HydraStorm high performance Anti-Microbial Line at Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 28th.

About BlackHawk® Products Group™
BlackHawk® was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Noell. BlackHawk® is recognized as the world leader in supplying tactical equipment to the military and law enforcement markets. Having been trained as a Navy SEAL, Mike built a company dedicated to designing equipment for the preservation of life under the worst extremes.

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