SAVVY Armor, a Newly Formed Vest Manufacturer Under Armor Holdings, Inc., Recently Unveiled its New Line of Women’s Body Armor

Formed in response to the growing need of body armor and equipment for women in law enforcement, SAVVY’s mission is to provide the safest and most comfortable body armor for women in the world.

More than just a line of body armor, SAVVY is a movement and has opened the door for an entirely new category, armor for women. Currently women represent 15 percent or more of the law enforcement population. The desire and need for body armor, and other law enforcement equipment made specifically for women, is on the rise.

Up until now, the options for body armor products made for women have been limited. Female officers have been expected to wear slightly modified men’s vests that are not properly contoured to fit the female body. SAVVY will offer three new shaping technologies, thermal-forming, radial offset pleating™ and advanced draping. These shaping technologies allow for a better fit around a woman’s compound curves and give women of every shape and size an option for safe, comfortable body armor.

SAVVY’s product line features three concealable vests, three specialized vests, a tactical vest and seven external carriers. The specialized vests consists of a corrections vest with NIJ Spike levels 1,2 and 3 protection, an ultra-concealable vest for undercover assignments and a specialized “motor” vest for bicycle, ATV, Segway® and motorcycle officers. SAVVY’s tactical vest, the RUSH model, is the industry’s first, full-gear tactical vest shaped for a woman. It also includes scaled down accessories to maximize a woman’s functionality without compromising safety. In addition, SAVVY is producing formed trauma and rifle plates that concave with a woman’s bust line for a comfortable fit.

Leading the Armor For Women category, SAVVY not only expands its mission though its extensive product offerings, but it also has an extensive amount of program offerings that sets the manufacturer apart from other vest manufacturers. Its 1-year Perfect-Fit-Promise™ on returns and alterations give women the flexibility to fit their armor properly as they adjust to normal variations in weight and water gain. SAVVY will also commission more than 250 Certified Female Sizers™, across the nation, to assist in making sure that every SAVVY customer receives a customized fit.

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