Protecting Corrections Officers

Vancouver BC - Harding Tactical Systems Inc (HTS), announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with the American Correctional Officer ACO and ACOIN, the American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network to supply the HTS Trauma Shield to officers publicly employed at correctional facilities in the United States.

According to Vito Dagnello, President of the ACO association, “All of us at ACO and ACOIN are committed to creating a safer working environment for corrections officers. We believe that the Harding Tactical suit offers superior protection against the everyday injuries and attacks sustained almost daily by officers. We will be recommending its use to all of our members.”

Brian Dawe, Executive Director of the ACO confirms, “The sooner we get this product into the hands of our officers the sooner we will see a reduction in workplace injuries. After wearing the Harding suit myself, I can attest to its potential to prevent the kinds of blunt trauma injuries currently sustained by so many of our serving officers.”

Harding Tactical President, Paul Mann, agrees. “The dangerous conditions that exist for serving members in today’s correctional facilities would be unacceptable in almost all other professions. Having witnessed firsthand the dangers that corrections officers face in a constantly aggressive and challenging workplace, I was shocked that corrections officers are not better protected. Our mandate, at this point, is to ensure that the HTS 5 protects every serving corrections officer against assault in the workplace. To that end, Harding Tactical Systems is extremely proud to work with and be associated with the ACO and ACOIN.”

About ACO:
American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network is a national coalition of organizations, fraternal associations and unions whose members include publicly employed correctional officers and corrections professionals.

About HTS.
Harding Tactical Systems Inc, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of wearable Personal Protective Tactical Apparel allowing members of the law enforcement, peacekeeping and security sectors to be better prepared and better protected.

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