North American Development Group announces NIJ Level 3 Spike/Edge Certification

Missoula, Mont. - North American Development Group (NADG) is proud to announce that its X2 Spike/Edge Technology has been certified by the National Institute of Justice.  Under the NIJ Standard 0115.00, the X2 Technology was in compliance and certified under the Level 3 Stab testing protocol.  This is the highest level of protection against spike/edge threats approved by the NIJ.

“We are excited about offering this flexible Level 3 Spike/Edge threat defeating armor to our correctional and law enforcement officers needing the protection required to perform their jobs.  By offering armor options from full coverage to trauma plates, we are in a position to provide the type of flexible armor the market has asked for,” stated Dennis Doran, VP Business Development.

Doran added, “Not only was the armor certified under the Level 3 testing protocol, it passed testing with zero penetrations!   This system will provide the wearer the confidence needed to perform their responsibilities without the worry of a blade, shiv, or needle compromising their armor and causing injury.”

NADG plans to introduce the X2 technology to the international LEA market during Q4 2014. By utilizing the Level 3 Spike/Edge X2 technology in conjunction with other manufacturer’s handgun threat defeating armor, NADG anticipates gaining market share rapidly.

The X2 Technology is available in NADG’s current San Diego concealable carrier along with the overt CorrMax model, a high threat/cell extraction vest.

About Dragon Skin®
Dragon Skin® is a flexible body armor system designed to conform to the shape and movement of those who wear it and depend on it to save their lives. The ‘building block’ of the armor is a proprietary Silicon Carbide ceramic disc. The discs are then fabricated into armor panels of varying sizes and shapes held in place by a patented imbricated layout process. This containment process has been designed to provide a combination of durability, strength and flexibility unique to the body armor industry.

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