New ForceField™ Body Armor Line from Safety Leader MSA

ForeceField Body Armor Line Pittsburgh, PA. - MSA's new ForceField Concealable and Tactical Body Armor joins the new ForceField Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) to form MSA's newly-established ballistic protection product line to protect law enforcement officers. State-of-the-art ballistics, innovative design features, and increased comfort unite to "protect the protectors" on the job.

Significant investments and years of ballistics development are evident in MSA's three in-house ballistic laboratories, relentless research and engineering, and materials science capabilities.

For example, MSA's materials science capability puts the global safety products company out front to comply with the recently updated NIJ (National Department of Justice) body armor standards, wherein the performance of materials is assessed over the life of the product.

MSA ForceField ACH Head Protection:
MSA's ballistic products include the development of MSA's military ACH in 2003, a lightweight design that offers soldiers advanced ballistic protection with greater comfort and stability. The ACH has been credited with saving several lives in military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, MSA designs and produces rifle plates with multi-hit capability for Canadian military forces. The new ForceField ACH for law enforcement duplicates the desirable features of the military ACH currently used by American troops-notably, the military fragmentation resistance capabilities-and adds the handgun ballistic capabilities demanded by law enforcement.

MSA ForceField Concealable and Tactical Vests:

  • The ForceField Alpha Vest is an innovative concealable carrier design that adds new comfort and security features to solidly reliable protection. Protection is number one, but added comfort makes the job less taxing for officers.
    • MSA's exclusive Tri-T™ Comfort System pulls moisture away from your body and cools you, while reducing odor-causing bacteria.
    • Flex Panel Sizing maximizes vest coverage while contouring to your body shape.
    • The patent pending Armor-Latch™ Closure gives you reliable front-to-back overlap--with a one-handed "forward pull" adjustment--for proper side coverage and comfort.
  • The ForceField Bravo Concealable Carrier incorporates traditional styling, durability, and comfort.
  • The ForceField Tango Tactical Vest, MSA's first tactical vest, has a side-opening modular tactical platform designed for SWAT teams and other tactical professionals.
About MSA:
Millions of workers worldwide already trust MSA, because MSA has manufactured top-quality, innovative personal protection since 1914. Maybe you already wear MSA's gas masks. Whether you're keeping the peace locally or responding to a terrorist threat, protect yourself first with MSA's Police Line of ballistic helmets and vests. MSA's ForceField Body Armor. It's not just what goes into your body armor; it's who stands behind it.

For more information on MSA's ForceField Body Armor and complete line of Police Line products, please contact MSA Customer Service at 1-888-MSA-0018 or visit MSA online at


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