Gargoyles Engages Level 4 Group

Gargoyles Inc., an advanced materials application company, today announced the engagement of Level 4 Group LLC as a business advisor.

"We look forward to working with Level 4 Group on our advanced ballistics applications for personnel protection, lightweight vehicle armor, and blast protection for structures," stated Jef Curran, President and COO of Gargoyles. "Level 4 Group is highly regarded for their experience and ability in the ballistic protection arena and we are very pleased to have them on board."

"We look forward to working with Jef and his Gargoyles team on truly next generation lightweight ballistic applications," said James Magee, Colonel, USMC (Retired) and CEO for Level 4 Group. "The technologies that Gargoyles has developed as part of their WarriorSpec solutions group are game changers, providing significantly enhanced blast protection at far less weight than other solutions on the market today."

About Level 4 Group
Level 4 Group specializes in the defense, security and public safety markets and assists product and technology-based businesses with the creation, analysis and execution of their business plans, with get-to-market and commercialization strategies and business development, both domestically and internationally. For more information, please visit

About Gargoyles
Gargoyles, Inc. is an advanced materials application company concentrating its efforts on innovative material and application solutions for customers. Gargoyles, Inc. offers unique and advanced materials using three distinct technologies: 3-D Synthetic Fabric Architecture, Braided Synthetic Tubular Structures, and Nanoparticle Thin Film Matrices. Gargoyles Advanced Material Solutions provides mold and tooling production options for customers to incorporate synthetic materials into their manufacturing processes. WarriorSpec, LLC has developed highly effective solutions for military and police services including ballistic-rated armor for personnel and vehicles. Gargoyles, Inc. has an active research and development component that is currently focused on the development of tubular structures with a seamless axis and of increasing the wall thickness along the length of the tube. For more information, please visit

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