The Patriot3 Minuteman II Folding Ballistic Shield Receives a 4.87 from NTOA

The National Tactical Officer’s Association’s ‘Member Tested and Recommended Products’ program put the Minuteman II folding ballistic shield through testing and evaluation. The results: 4.87 out of a possible 5!

Quantico, Virginia – The Minuteman II folding ballistic shield was recently put through NTOA’s (National Tactical Officer’s Association’s) Member Tested and Recommended Product program. Under this program, products are tested and evaluated by field testers. Here’s what they had to say.

A police officer from New Jersey says “I was able to test it under real conditions. We were asked to assist an outside agency on a raid and as always we found out that the subject was armed at the last minute” and “I would highly recommend this product for both tactical and patrol”.

A police officer from Arizona says “From an under cover narcotics officers perspective, this seems to be made especially for us” and “On our last vehicle take down the bad guy backed into the spot, dictating we make a head on approach. The shield man was point on the driver with the others in his team extracting the driver and back seat passenger, the second team with out a shield, took on the front passenger. The driver’s side team felt more secure approaching the vehicle”.

Patriot3’s Minuteman II folding ballistic shield received a 4.87 out of a possible 5. This score results from being tested and evaluated by real officers in real situations. Clearly, the Minuteman II folding ballistic shield is superior to it’s competitors and the most versatile ballistic shield in the world!

For additional information about the Minuteman II folding ballistic shield, visit For more information about NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended program and it’s scoring system, visit

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