Cell phone smuggling techniques: A photo database

Welcome to the CorrectionsOne.com contraband cell phone photo database - a collection of images detailing techniques used to smuggle cell phones inside.

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This photo, courtesy of the Department of Corrections in New Zealand, shows cell phones and other contraband that were hidden in the soles of sneakers. (NZDOC photo)
This photo shows the same contraband phone from NZ DOC when it was still in the shoe. (NZDOC photo)
A live pigeon carrying a makeshift backpack with a cell phone in it that was caught flying into a prison in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Sao Paulo, gangs frequently use carrier pigeons to smuggle phones behind bars (AP photo)
A remote controlled helicopter used by Sao Paulo, Brazil gangs to smuggle cell phones after the pigeon routine was discovered (AP photo)
This phone was smuggled into the Broward Correctional Institution in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla hidden inside a shoe brush box. (Florida DOC)
This NYPD photo shows a razor blade (easily) hidden in the battery compartment of a T-Mobile Sidekick - just another danger to keep an eye out for. (Handout/NYPD photo)
This phone was found in the intestines of a prisoner at a maximum security facility in El Salvador. (AP photo)
This is the same phone as the one in the photo to the left. The details here are pretty clear... we'll avoid ellaboration. (AP photo)
A cell-phone hidden inside the sole of a platform shoe. This photo appeared in a Wired magazine article by Nathan Hodge titled "Jailhouse Tech Sniff Out 'Cell' Phones". (Nathan Hodge photo)
This photo, courtesy of Florida Dept. of Corrections, shows a cell-phone that was found hidden inside of an inmate's shower shoe (Florida DOC photo)
This photo shows a cell-phone that was wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed inside a jar of 'Best Maid' Sandwich Spread (dutchdavis/Photobucket)
We found this photo on the website of Sen. John J. Benoit of California. The caption read: "There’s a surprise at the bottom of every box!"
This photo, courtesy of the Department of Corrections in New Zealand, shows a cell phone hidden in side of a sandwich brought in by facility visitor. (NZDOC photo)

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