Praetorian Group Launches, Creating the World's Largest Social Network for First Responders

Responder Network

SAN FRANCISCO – The Praetorian Group, Inc., the leading online media company in the public safety market, today announced the launch of, the world’s largest social network for public safety professionals and first responders.

For more than a decade, Praetorian has been connecting first responders through online media, with a series of top industry websites led by,, and Representing more than 850,000 registered members, Responder Network brings together public safety professionals from Praetorian’s entire network of 25 public safety websites. Together, these sites represent the most comprehensive repository of award-winning public safety content, including more than 10,000 expert articles, 75,000 pieces of industry news, 150 expert contributors, 430 product research categories, 200,000 member comments, 8,000 member uploaded videos, 1,200 original videos, 1,000 tips and 30 eNewsletter titles along with a wide range of online training courses and grant assistance programs.

Responder Network’s mission is to create a single gateway that connects the various sectors of public safety, bringing together first responders and providing a platform for them to communicate and share resources. The site will provide a single access point to each of Praetorian’s sites and - over time - will offer a growing suite of networking tools to allow members from all sectors of public safety – including firefighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics, emergency managers, dispatchers, correctional officers and more – to connect in one place within an established and secure network.

“More and more, we’re finding that first responders are using social media to communicate, network and share lessons from the job. Often times, however, they are limited to their area of expertise or a single industry sector,” said Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Group. “We’re proud to bring first responders from all sectors of public safety together in one place to communicate, network and share information and excited to be revolutionizing the way in which they use social networking tools to better protect their communities.”

Many of the features planned for Responder Network will be focused on better enabling cross-sector communication. Such features include advanced networking tools, contact lists, featured experts and sharing options - including network search capabilities to help members identify leading experts across all sectors of public safety.

“Traditionally, facilitating communication across disparate groups in public safety has been extremely challenging. The prevailing attitude out there is generally to keep all these of groups separate. We are creating a venue where, if needed, first responders can communicate across departments and sectors,” said Robert Dippell, VP of Corporate Development. “We have developed an unparalleled network of sites for public safety, which gives us the ability to create a central hub and single access point to bring them all together. As protecting communities becomes increasingly complex, there’s incredible value in creating communication tools that allow all public safety professionals to work together to better protect their communities.”

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About Praetorian Group
The Praetorian Group is the leading online media and technology company in the public safety market. Our properties are visited by more than 2.1 million first responders and public safety professionals every month. Praetorian owns and operates,, and, as well as online video communities,, and We are deeply committed to providing resources and cutting edge information that help first responders stay safer, become better informed and more effectively protect their communities.

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About Responder Network
The largest social network for public safety worldwide, ResponderNetwork counts more than 850,000 first responders as members. Launched in 2012, its mission is to improve the safety and wellbeing of communities around the world by connecting first responders and facilitating information sharing across police, fire, EMS, dispatch, emergency management and corrections. Members have access to the largest repository of online public safety resources including breaking news, video, expert articles, training and product research.

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