Ark. DOC getting customized probation kiosks

Probationees can use the kiosks to check in with their probation officers

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. — The units will be located at probation offices throughout the state and utilized by minimum risk clients who are required to check in with their probation officers at stipulated times throughout their supervision.

Slabb provided the hardware based on its X6 kiosk model, which was customized to include a laser printer, a Topaz signature pad and a fingerprint reader. Marquis developed the interface each minimum risk client will use to check in with their probation officers and make payments to INA as well as the software which would enable the recognition of the client’s fingerprint and capture their signature and photo. Slabb’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert indicated his satisfaction with the outcome of the project.

"When Slabb received confirmation that we were awarded the contract from the State, we knew we needed to partner with a software company that could complement our hardware and ensure the successful design and delivery of the product. We have no regrets about our decision. It was evident that with Marquis’ extensive specialized software experience and our customized hardware design that we would be able to successfully complete delivery to another satisfied customer."

Full story: Slabb Successfully Partners with Marquis Software to Provide Customized Kiosks to the State of Arkansas

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