TigerLight from an Aggressor's Perspective

TigerLight From an Aggressor's Point of View

Immediate Access to All Force Options

Often, officers are involved in street level contacts where the subject of that contact suddenly becomes aggressive. With the TIGERLIGHT™ in hand, an officer is able to transition from illuminating a suspect to dispensing pepper spray and back to illuminating the suspect, in a split second.

TIGERLIGHT from an Aggressor's Perspective

Split Second Deployment - Invisible To Subject

Imagine an officer interviewing a subject in a street level encounter. The officer has the flashlight on the subject and the extremely bright light causes the subject’s night vision to be significantly impaired. The officer can see that the subject is becoming increasingly hostile. The subject says or does something that causes the officer to have to escalate force. In that split second, the light is rotated downward, moving the light’s beam from the suspect’s line of sight. The suspect loses his night vision and tries to focus on the officer. Suddenly the suspect is hit in the eyes by a blinding blast of pepper spray and the officer has moved from the last place the suspect saw him.

Optimal Design For One-Handed Operation

The TIGERLIGHT™ is designed for one handed operation. Unique design features reduce the end weight of the flashlight. This provides for better axial balance making one-handed operation more comfortable. We recommend that Officers use the "Harries" method when using the TIGERLIGHT™ in conjunction with a firearm. This method is preferred because it affords the user the ability to quickly transition from illuminating the suspect to spraying the suspect with pepper spray, while maintaining cover with his firearm.

Concealed Pepper Spray Reduces The Likelihood A Situation Will Escalate Due To A Visible Threat

The fact that the pepper spray is concealed within the flashlight allows the officer to have the pepper spray in his or her hand without the suspect or onlookers even knowing that the officer already has a higher force option at the ready.

Designed For Combat Environments With O Rings, Gold Plated Contacts and Hard Coated Surface

The TIGERLIGHT™ meets military specifications for water resistance. It has an impact damper to protect internal components. The internal contacts are gold plated to eliminate corrosion to insure that the TIGERLIGHT™ will function reliably in harsh environments. The hard coated exterior of the TIGERLIGHT™ is tougher than any other flashlight in its class.

The TIGERLIGHT™ Is Shorter, Lighter And Brighter Than Any Flashlight In Its Class

At less than 1.5 lbs. in weight, 11 inches in length and up to 50,000 candlepower, the TIGERLIGHT™ has many tactical and practical advantages over flashlights previously used by officers and military personnel.

Reduced Liability and Increased Safety

Arming officers with a TIGERLIGHT™ will reduce police liability. The fact that the TIGERLIGHT™ allows an officer to have pepper spray ready to deploy, provides for efficient force transitions. The ability to move from one level of force to another seamlessly and instantaneously will reduce the likelihood that an officer will need to jump to heavy force in order to head off aggression. As stated by Morton Feldman, Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, "An officer may only have a second to decide whether to go for the mace or the gun, and if he makes the wrong decision, it may be his funeral."


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