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Pepperball introduces the new TCP compact launcher for 2018

Check out the new TCP at SHOT Show during Industry Day at the Range or booth #30203

CHICAGO — Pepperball®, a division of United Tactical Systems, LLC, and the world leader in non-lethal products introduces the Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP™), a pistol-sized multi-munition launcher for 2018.

Tactical Compact PistolThe new PepperBall® TCP™ is 7.5 inches in length and weighs approximately 21 ounces. It is designed to be worn comfortably on a law enforcement officer’s belt and can be quickly reloaded with a six round magazine.

The TCP™ is capable of firing the standard PepperBall® round or extended-range VXR projectiles. The PepperBall® round projectiles can be used for direct impact out to 60 feet and the extended-range VXR projectiles can be used for direct impact out to 150 feet. The TCP™ can be used for even longer ranges when deploying PepperBalls to saturate an area with PAVA powder.

The TCP™ can use either CO2 or nitrogen as a power source, allowing it to function properly in extreme cold weather conditions.

TCP by PepperballThis new pistol-sized launcher is a game-changer when it comes to versatility and economy of force. It can be used for multiple non-lethal requirements when fast action can often stop an incident from spiraling out of control. The TCP™ delivers everything an officer needs in the field when it comes to non-lethal: Long range engagement ability, multiple shot delivery, and the ability to use even when a subject is not in view. All these abilities are now available within arm’s reach.

“Thousands of agencies worldwide, such as the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons, municipal police and sheriff’s departments, and state departments of corrections have come to rely on PepperBall® as their go-to alternative when needing a non-lethal answer for situations involving riot control, suicide by cop, domestic violence, correctional disturbances, and any other situations where non-lethal options prevent violence, ” said Ron Johnson, CEO of United Tactical Systems.

PepperBall® also includes a molded duty holster along with the purchase of the TCP™.

For more information about PepperBall® and its complete line of products, visit www.pepperball.com or call 1-877-887-3773.

About PepperBall®
The PepperBall® system originates in a 1996 DARPA program. PepperBall® projectiles are precision-manufactured with a proprietary outer shell and live active irritant compound engineered to burst on impact into a temporarily incapacitating cloud with no harmful after-effects. PepperBall® products are in use with thousands of agencies across the U.S. and around the world, and offer a true non-lethal alternative with an unsurpassed safety record over thousands of incidents spanning 20 years. The Company delivers professional certified training for users, instructors and armorers. PepperBall® engages with Tier One industry defense and security partners, military agencies and law enforcement to continue to evolve safe, effective variants and versatility for non-lethal solutions and missions. PepperBall® is a registered trademark of United Tactical Systems, LLC, exclusive manufacturer and worldwide supplier of genuine PepperBall® products.

For more information about PepperBall® and its products, please visit www.pepperball.com.

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