Zistos’ Task Force Rescue System Gets Added To FEMA Task Force Equipment Cache

FEMA recently placed an order for multiple units of our WS-TFRS Task Force Rescue System. This order is the culmination of working very closely with FEMA headquarters in conjunction with some of the regional Task Force Rescue teams to create a system that offers the most value in collapsed structure rescue when used for systematic victim location both within and outside of void spaces.

In addition to the Task Force Rescue Systems, FEMA ordered a matching quantity of Zistos thermal imaging camera heads, as well as 8mm, 4-way articulating fiberscopes that augment the overall capability of the WS-TFRS cache.

Zistos has recently made a tremendous breakthrough by offering thermal imaging technology in a modular form factor that fits within the 2-inch diameter hole that FEMA traditionally uses for core drilling. By offering a 1?-inch diameter camera head, Zistos affords thermal imaging capability into void spaces that have been accessed using the standard 2-inch core bit. There is no need to drill a larger hole to accommodate thermal imaging — a huge factor in rescue operations that are often a deadly race against time.


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