Zistos Launches Tough Grabber For Remote Viewing Of Portable Video Inspection On A PC Or Laptop

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Tough Grabber receives a wireless video signal from the popular WalkAbout II™ Video Inspection System capturing the image for display on a computer. This powerful tool allows a second set of eyes to view critical images in real-time, assess and assist in generating an action or response to the situation all from a remote location. It facilitates a quick, easy set-up of a remote viewing station or command center for tactical, rescue or industrial inspection scenarios while streaming real-time video and sending images with laptops employed in field.

The Tough Grabber is a stand alone, battery-powered, RF receiver with a video frame grabber using a watertight, external USB interface to receive and convert the data packaged in a rugged, waterproof enclosure.

Tough Grabber uses Zistos software, allowing the user remote access to real-time video images generated by the body worn display. The software enables the user to create a record of the images and offers features to like adding text, reference measurements and adjusting image quality.

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