Zistos Introduces Enhanced Under-the-Door Camera

Zistos has substantially improved the video capability of their popular UDC-100 under-the-door camera used in tactical surveillance missions. Now employing frame integration, the enhanced UDC-100 captures high resolution video in extremely low light conditions to covertly ascertain the situation status into rooms that have been locked or barricaded. To ensure user safety, the UDC-100P comes with a 6-foot telescoping pole that allows the under-the-door camera to be deployed and panned from a safe distance away from the door. As with all Zistos products, the enhanced under-the-door camera is fully compatible with all existing Zistos tactical surveillance systems and other components.

Zistos’ Under-the-Door camera has been improved!

Zistos’ stealthy Under-the-Door Camera (UDC) has received a major upgrade that effectively increases its performance in low-light conditions by an order of magnitude. A great performer from its initial inception, the UDC now boasts an advanced frame integration feature that adds subsequent video frames together as needed to provide a high contrast image under light starved conditions. The benefit to tactical teams is that they can use the UDC to gain visual dominance in barricade situations even when the room is dark. A high resolution CCD camera chip located at the tip of the tongue ensures that the image clarity is maximized by placing the “eye” directly in the room being observed. This CCD camera technology, along with the frame integration feature, affords unparalleled video performance that tactical teams need to make critical situational assessments.

To maintain safety throughout the mission, the UDC-100P kit adds a telescoping pole to safely deploy the UDC and pan the room while keeping the operator off to the side of the door and out of harm’s way. The double hinged pole offers the degree of freedom to operate the UDC over a wide range of inclination angles. A foam pad serves as a silencer and pivot point maximize covertness while allowing the UDC to horizontally pan the entire room. In keeping with the VisionFlex™ design philosophy that sets Zistos apart from alternative video tools, the UDC is field adaptable to any existing Zistos tactical system, lending enhanced capability while preserving any initial investment. It is no wonder why Zistos has become the preferred choice in portable video tool for tactical surveillance missions.

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