Zistos Introduces Dual Mode Thermal Imaging Camera

Zistos has combined two extremely complementary video cameras (true thermal imaging along with a high resolution covert video) in a single, compact, modular camera head that attaches to any of their extension poles. Optimized specifically for tactical surveillance, the THC-50D is a remote dual mode thermal imaging camera designed to see covertly using either heat signature or standard video images to establish visual dominance over the suspect. Electronic switching between camera types is instantaneous by using the same control that provides variable IR illumination. The THC-50D fits on any Zistos articulating pole to provide access into areas that are either unsafe or impossible to enter.

With the Zistos line of portable cameras and pole systems you are no longer tethered to a hand held device, giving you the ability to extend your visual capabilities based on the situation. Switch from extended articulating poles with a wide variety of interchangeable cameras, high resolution video scopes and under-the-door cameras quickly, in the field as the situation demands. Maintain visual dominance in a dynamic situation with the full line of tactical products from Zistos.

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