All Zistos portable video systems and accessories incorporate VisionFlex™ technology into their design to provide maximum performance and value.

What is VisionFlex?
VisionFlex™ is a unique design philosophy developed by Zistos that forms the foundation for all of our portable video products. The core focus is flexibility without compromise. In other words: a modular "socket set" of portable vision tools to ensure complete flexibility and compatibility while adhering to all of the other critical design criteria that factor into overall tool value.

Whether the vision application is for law enforcement, rescue, military, security or industrial, the exact situation is seldom known in advance and can also be dynamic. The only way to guarantee the vision equipment brought to the site is going to work effectively under all possible conditions is through VisionFlex™.

Much More Than Modular
While modularity is inarguably better than dedicated tools for a myriad of reasons, Zistos portable video equipment is superior to other purely modular alternatives. VisionFlex™ affords the inherent flexibility and adaptability that modularity offers yet adds to that all of the other important design considerations for portability, functionality, reliability, safety, ergonomics and cost that determine overall value. In discerning headto- head evaluations with other modular and non-modular video equipment, Zistos with VisionFlex™ technology is the preferred choice.

VisionFlex™ Features & Benefits:

  • All system components and accessories are fully modular and interchangeable
  • Ensures compatibility throughout the entire Zistos products line
  • Maximum effectiveness in all applications
  • Quick and easy conversion to instantly adapt to the situation at hand
  • No sacrifice in functionality or performance compared to dedicated tools
  • Considerable cost savings over equivalent capability from dedicated tools
  • Components are lightweight for portability yet rugged to withstand continued use
  • Forward and backward compatible designs to insulate against obsolescence
  • Quick time to market of new customer-driven designs
  • Cost-effective and affordable


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