AgileMesh Introduces “Tip of the Spear” Video in Austin, Texas at the 2012 National Association of Technical Investigators (NATIA) Conference

RICHARDSON, TexasAgileMesh, Inc., a developer of portable, on-scene, live-streaming, wireless video surveillance and data communications technology for public safety applications, announced today the introduction of a revolutionary new “Tip of the Spear” product line for enhanced operators’ situational awareness and officer safety.

Leveraging the versatility of the AgileMesh CommandMesh™ protocol this wearable device allows real-time video, pictures, building schematics, and other critical data to be wirelessly sent forward to the “Tip of the Spear” during tactical operations. The images are viewed on a light-weight, wrist worn monitor or heads-up display. Devin Lee, Regional Sales Manager stated that “now the Boots on the Ground personnel such as entry teams or snipers placing themselves in harm’s way can receive some of the same vital live, updated information that was previously available only to incident commanders or team leaders.”

The AgileMesh “Tip of the Spear” unit allows an entry team or sniper to receive video from deployed CommandMesh™ compatible surveillance assets during an incident. Images from robots, negotiator phones, MAST cameras, perimeter cameras, helicopter downlinks and armored personnel carriers can all be pushed forward for field operator viewing. Additionally, other computer images or data such as suspect photos, building schematics, and text can be converted and sent forward.

For the first time, real-time two-way video can be sent to and received from the “Tip of the Spear”. This along with the rest of the AgileMesh solution further allows incident responders to more effectively optimize the use of critical information to enhance situational awareness, leverage manpower and save lives.

About AgileMesh, Inc.
AgileMesh™, Inc. develops portable, on-scene wireless video surveillance and data communications systems for use in Law Enforcement, Fire-EMS, Homeland Security and Loss Prevention applications. Each AgileMesh™ solution is powered by their proprietary wireless CommandMesh™ Incident Area Intelligence Network. AgileMesh™ systems provide public safety commanders with an enhanced level of incident and event management capability, increased officer safety, more accurate incident action records and greater liability protection. The company was founded in 2006, is based in Richardson, Texas and serves top public safety agencies in the United States. AgileMesh™ may be contacted at or visit

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