Salient Stills sorts surveillance

By Chris Reidy
The Boston Globe

BOSTON, Mass. — Salient Stills introduced a software product designed to help law enforcement agencies quickly sort out and share relevant evidence from surveillance video.

Headquartered in Boston, Salient Stills markets software for video forensics and image enhancement.

Called VFSource, the new product digitizes analog video and digital video from open and proprietary systems and converts video to popular formats for viewing by other investigators and agents; VFSource also preserves video integrity, enabling further video forensics and allowing video to be used in prosecutions, the company said.

"There is more video camera, cellphone, and CCTV video available to law enforcement today than ever before, making it a challenge for crime labs and police departments to efficiently capture videos for investigations," Salient Stills president Laura Teodosio said in a statement.

VFSource, the company said, aims to address that challenge.


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