Smith & Wesson Training Academy Partners With Israeli Counter-Terrorism Experts

For Immediate Release - July 2003

Scottsdale, Ariz. - July 23, 2003 - The legendary 151-year-old handgun maker, Smith & Wesson Corp., a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (AMEX: SWB) today announced a joint venture between the Smith & Wesson Training Academy and International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS) to provide advanced Counter-Terrorism training courses for military, law enforcement and security personnel.

The training courses include Detecting & Defeating the Suicide Bomber; VIP Protection, Special Event Security, Risk Analysis & Physical Protection of Infrastructure and SWAT Training. ISDS is an Israeli government approved security company that consults and provides security and Counter-Terrorism training around the world.

"The global threat of terrorism demands that security professionals worldwide have the expertise to address the issue at all levels," said Paul Cunningham, director of the Smith & Wesson Training Academy. "ISDS brings over 20 years of real world experience to the subject. Smith & Wesson is extremely proud to partner with the internationally recognized experts in Counter-Terrorism, and to offer this vitally important training."

Leo Gleser, president of ISDS, established the company in 1982 to provide cutting edge Counter-Terrorism training to law enforcement, security professionals, first responders, executives and private sector employees worldwide. Gleser is a veteran of Israel's ongoing war on terrorism. He served for over 30 years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a member of the Special Elite Counter-Terrorism Units of the IDF, an operative in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and a Sky Marshall with EL AL Airline. All ISDS personnel are former members and instructors in Select Counter-Terrorism Units, ISA, Mossad or other intelligence and special security units.

ISDS has been selected by the Athens Olympic Committee to coordinate security for the 2004 Olympic Games. Past ISDS Special Event Security projects include the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 1986 & 1990 World Cup Soccer, and VIP protection for celebrity clients such as Madonna, Elton John, as well as numerous world leaders.

The Smith & Wesson Training Academy is the oldest private law enforcement training facility in the United States and has offered state-of-the-art training since 1969. Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Smith & Wesson Training Academy provides instruction in all aspects of use of force training.

For more information on the ICDS Counter-Terrorism training courses available at the Smith & Wesson Training Academy, call (413) 846-6461 or visit

About International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS)
International Security & Defense Systems was established in 1982 by highly trained and experienced former Israeli Defense Agency operatives. ISDS designs and implements highly reliable, unique, inclusive and integrated security and defense systems to counter crime and terror worldwide. The company's mission is to create a protected and safe environment, through the use of quality intelligence, accurate risk assessment and optimal integration of highly trained personnel, procedures and technology which together prevent hostile actions against people, assets and infrastructure.

About Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation
Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation is the parent company of Smith & Wesson Corp., one of the world's leading producers of quality handguns, law enforcement products and firearm safety and security products. Law enforcement personnel, military personnel, target shooters, hunters, collectors and firearms enthusiasts throughout the world have used the Company's products with confidence for more than 151 years. Smith & Wesson Corp. also manufacturers and markets Smith & Wesson branded handcuffs and other products utilizing its metal working expertise.

For more information, visit the Training section of the Smith & Wesson Web site.


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