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For almost as long as good, dedicated people have pinned on the badge of law enforcement, Winchester Ammunition has been there - to protect and to serve. As a matter of fact, since the 1870s, most of our development efforts have been aimed at giving law enforcement the cutting edge in ammunition performance. Before the turn of the century, Winchester already led the industry by introducing such law enforcement mainstay cartridges as 38 Special - and soon followed with the 38 Special, 38 Super, 9mm Luger and 45 Auto loaded with high performance smokeless powder. In the '20s and '30s, Winchester became the standard of law enforcement for rifle, handgun and shotshell ammunition - and developed the rifled slug and the first cartridges loaded in 357 Magnum.

To further highlight our rich heritage of past and future dedication to law enforcement, we introduced dramatic new packaging featuring bold Winchester Ranger graphics and colors. Needless to say, no other ammunition manufacturer has been there for law enforcement like Winchester. And, for more than 125 years, we've taken great pride in working closely with law enforcement organizations and agencies to meet your changing needs - with the most innovative, effective and consistent performing law enforcement ammunition available. We met the needs of the U.S. Secret Service in the 1960's by developing the 38 Special, 110 gr. +P+ jacketed hollow point cartridge.

In the 1970's, Winchester responded to new FBI requirements for a 38 Special 158 gr. hollow point. And in the 1980's, both the U.S. Military and law enforcement looked to Winchester for high performance solutions to their specific needs. Our response was the 9mm Super-X® Subsonic® round for the U.S. Navy SEALS and a complete line of Super-X Silvertip® Hollow Point cartridges for law enforcement. As a matter of fact, Winchester's manufacturing, quality and performance standards are so far beyond any other ammunition that we supplied more than 90% of all small arms ammunition for the United States military during the Gulf War.

Today, we continue to fulfill critical needs with innovative new products that meet and, in most cases, exceed your toughest requirements with products such as the new Ranger® "T" Series Handgun Ammunition and the new Ranger Partition Gold® Handgun Ammunition. In addition we are the leaders in reduced hazard and non-toxic training ammunition with our WinClean™ , Super Clean NT™ and Ranger Frangible™ ammunition lines. Winchester has actively supported and drawn on the decades of expertise of such law enforcement organizations as the AFTE, ASLET and IALEFI.

By incorporating the ideas and experience of these professionals - and many others - Winchester has been able to consistently develop and offer law enforcement superior and, quite often, revolutionary ammunition products. Finally, Winchester has launched an agressive Ballistic Workshop program across the country with a fleet of specially designed Ballistic Workshop Trailers that allow the full range of barrier testing to show how our duty ammunition performs in real world situations.As you will see throughout this website, Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement ammunition is ready to protect and serve and meet your needs.

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