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The Most Revolutionary Advancement In Barrel Technology Since Rifling from Otis Technology

Otis Technology’s Nano Technology

The World’s leader in Gun Care Technology creates the ultimate in lifetime bore preservation for any premium Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun. Otis Technology introduces Life Liner, a nano ceramic liner for your bore. LifeLiner is the perfect gift for any firearm enthusiast, or that person in your family that has to have the latest in new technology. Life Liner also creates heirlooms for your family.

How does it work? Otis’ Life Liner is applied in a three step process. LifeLiner is a gel that works with Nano Ceramic micro composites fusing to the inside of the bore under heat, friction and pressure. Nano-Ceramic technology has proven revolutionary in racing and aerospace applications for decades. For example, when applied to the inside of a piston engine, the friction reduction is so great the engine can run for a long length of time completely without oil.

Without Life Liner technology, the engine friction would weld itself solid in a matter of seconds. With bore pressures in modern rifles exceeding 50,000 pounds of force per square inch, the friction, heat, and pressure in a rifle barrel far exceed those of an engine. The Otis Life Liner provides an actual ceramic coating that allows the bullet to glide down the barrel on an atom-thin layer that protects the metal from the actual bullet. The Nano-ceramic particles actually fuse to the metal barrel surface, filling in imperfections and surface irregularities.

Life Liner sounds amazing…and it works! Give the gift of barrel muzzle velocity and accuracy to yourself or the gun enthusiast in your life.  When using LifeLiner, new barrel muzzle velocity increases up to 10% depending on barrel length, and used barrel muzzle velocity increases up to 10% depending on wear. Accuracy increase by 35% and can be applied to both, steel or chrome lined barrels.
How many other products offer so many benefits?….Life Liner is many benefits in one!

For questions on how to use Life Liner or where to get Life Liner, visit www.otisgun.com or call Otis Technology at 1-800-OTIS GUN.

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