Telmate unveils new inmate tablet

Tablet allows communication for inmates, while letting staff focus security and control

By C1 Staff

Telmate recently introduced a new tablet specially designed for inmate use. The TelmateTablet, a Google Nexus tablet running a highly secure, custom built ROM, offers inmates continuing education, drug and alcohol counseling, news, legal research and more.

The 10-ounce device is protected with one of several case options, including a clear security case and a rugged sealed case.

The TelmateTablet. (Image Telmate)
The TelmateTablet. (Image Telmate)

Each tablet connects over its own Virtual Private Network (VPN). Once connected, all inmate wireless communications are encrypted and all data packets are filtered before they leave the facility.

Applications can be added remotely, which allows for control of inmate access. Cameras and microphones may be activated on the device, and Wi-Fi triangulation lets staff track the specific location of the devices within the facility.

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