Should prisons make better use of full-body scanners?

Body-scanners could be a big deterrent to the flow of contraband, and also help staff avoid liability

By C1 Staff

The constant flow of contraband is a huge concern for anyone working in a correctional facility. Whether smuggled in on purpose or by accident, inmates can make use of nearly any and every item, and if the item is made of metal, that poses an even bigger danger.

One possible deterrent to the influx of contraband inside facilities is the advent of the full-body scanner, which mainly made its debut in airports following 9/11. Now many facilities are getting scanners of their own, but we wanted to know, do you think they should be mandatory in all facilities?

(AP Photo/Cynthia Boll)
(AP Photo/Cynthia Boll)

We took to our Facebook page to ask our readers, and this is what they had to say.

Vince Case My personal opinion is that if you're against this (for staff) then you have something to hide. Search me all you want, I have nothing to hide. I am not perfect, but I take a minute before I leave my car and pat myself down and make sure I don't have anything in my pockets. As far as visitors/inmates go, I think it should be mandatory!

Grandwizard Cholula NYC had to ban them ... Inmates filed a radiation class action lawsuit.

Gerard M FerroFor inmates, sure; staff, although there are some staff who lug contraband, I think there are morale issues, trust issues and outright mistakes that can ruin someone's career. I'm all for random checks. Not to mention they WILL find a way to get stuff in.

Jose Gonzalez We have one of these machines and it work good! The cost is very high, like you're up in the hundred thousands. We got it in for a pilot program.

Debi Hearn We have them here in Polk County, Fl., at Booking and both Jails. It's great. It seems to have helped a great deal.

David Guardiola This would eliminate all mistakes for shake downs.

Dime Before Summertime D-Block Yes indeed, I wish we would get two: one for sally port grounds and one for the gatehouse.

Steven Hardbarger What kind of health hazard is this to a man or woman who has to get radiation for 30 years? I say hell no. I'll find another job.

Jason Pederson Yes, great idea, but the cost would be hard to sell.

Rich Maria Chandler We have the same scanner in our facility and it's great for finding pocket change that you missed during your initial search. Otherwise, it's a great mental deterrent when they see they are going to get "x-rayed."

Natashia Rusnak I'm noy saying its not needed or that I wouldn't do it. Its just a shame that its come to this.​​

Steven Notarianni We have two at my facility. However, still possible to hide things on one's body and it not show up. We do this and strip search. Very useful. Our booking area has one and a deputy was able to find a handcuff key in a guys mouth that he was cheeking

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