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USAF Security employ the Personal Role Radio (PRR) to achieve increased

Military applications lessons learned in Iraq - according to Arthur K Cebrowski, Director DOD Force Transformation, "the thing that's really neat about the PRR radio is that previously exercise tactics were confined by how far you could shout and be heard, or a hand signal seen. In the din and confusion of combat, frequently that's not far. But when you go to these new PRR radios, you change shouts into whispers - suddenly you can try tactics that you couldn't use before, the result is that users create new tactics. The Personal Role Radios came into the force because they were needed to support our war-fighters in Iraq, not as part of the acquisition process. That constitutes an example of transformation in conflict. Conflict does not hamper transformation. Conflict accelerates transformation."

First Responder applications - According to an evaluator for The National Tactical Officers Association, the PRR can be deployed as a stand alone radio for inter-team communication. It can also be set up to communicate on department issued radios as well as its own frequencies. This allowed the team to communicate with teammates or support units as needed without changing from channel to channel.

One of the best characteristics of the PRR was the clarity in transmission over standard boom microphones. The headset and boom microphone were comfortable even after wearing it for several hours. Also, I found that the headset did not interfere with normal hearing while being worn.

The PRRs were also tested using the wireless push-to-talk buttons provided. The wireless buttons were tested by both team members as well as snipers. The buttons worked flawlessly. They were especially liked by both due to the fact that team members could key their radios without removing their hands from their weapons. The carrying case provided with the PRR was a very practical addition allowing the radio to be secured to either a vest or belt as needed.

The PRRs were tested in both rural and urban environments. In rural or less built up areas, the range of the PRR was impressive.

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