Video conferencing case study: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

Eliminated need to travel to parole board hearings

By Shamus McGillicuddy,

Building an enterprise video conferencing strategy is a multifaceted challenge for most enterprises. The Michigan Department of Corrections has a broad and expanding array of use cases, according to video conferencing coordinator Lynette J. Holloway. As video conferencing has become more popular, Holloway has had to transform and expand her video conferencing endpoint selection, transition to a new network and provide supporting services to users.

"We use video conferencing in lots of different ways," Holloway said. "We have telemedicine in each of our correctional facilities, and we just started using telepsychiatry. In addition, we do all of our parole board hearings over video. We did 22,000 video parole board interviews last year. It's pretty much become a core function within our department."

The parole board hearings alone were a critical use case for the Department of Corrections. Traditionally, board members traveled to each correctional facility for hearings, sometimes driving up to 580 miles from their office. Board members often spent almost two days of a week just driving.

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