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Corrections Apparel Tips

  • A $1 solution for microphone issues


    I've come up with a $1.00 solution for those who have had difficulty finding the right place to secure their lapel microphone on their uniform without it falling off during a foot chase or have...

  • Improvised correctional staff defensive weapons

    Here are a few "improvised correctional staff defensive weapons" available inside the walls.

  • Protecting your audio transmitter cord

    For those who carry audio transmitters on their duty belts: do you have the problem of external mic cords breaking without warning and causing you to have an evidence tape with no audio? To prevent...

  • Drug concealment reminder

    Twice I have found drugs on suspects that other officers have patted down. They used tape to hide drugs inside their shirt sleeves near the hem.  It's easy to miss this during...

  • Watch for hidden sharp objects

    Razorblades, needles, and other small, sharp objects can be hidden easily...even on the head. These tiny, yet potentially deadly, weapons are hidden/taped behind suspects' ears, under bangs, or on...

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