Rocket Science Comes To Police Gloves

New Ipswich, NH - The TurtleSkin material technology used in the crash bags for NASA's Spirit and Opportunity Rovers is now being used in their line of puncture-resistant gloves for Law Enforcement Officers. Although cut-resistant gloves have been around for years, TurtleSkin gloves are the first to offer true puncture resistance, yet remain lightweight and comfortable. The patented technology used in the gloves was first developed for the crash bags used in the Mars landings.

As the world leader in puncture resistance, the TurtleSkin team was asked by NASA to develop a lightweight material that was rugged enough to withstand the sharp and rocky Mars terrain. The TurtleSkin material system successfully protected the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers which landed this past January. Now this rocket science technology is available a little closer to home in new TurtleSkin Puncture Protective Gloves available this spring. For more information on how this innovative technology is helping to prevent hand injuries including needlesticks, visit

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