Perfection Wins Univator Award For The Third Consecutive Year

Perfection Uniforms is very proud to have been selected for our third consecutive Univator Award.
The Univator Award is the most recognized and prestigious award for innovation in the uniform industry. Award detail follows:

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Annual UNIVATOR Awards
By Jackie Rosselli

Innovation.  It's a key ingredient behind the success of most products or services.  As the economy continues to struggle, customers are becoming even more budget-conscious, making innovation more important than ever before. 

In a recession, the smart business owner knows that the only way anxious customers will buy is if you give them something they're never seen before, a product that makes them say; "Oh my God, I have to have this!"

That sentiment captures the essence of the UNIVATOR Awards. Created five years ago by UniformMarket, the awards showcase the best programs, ideas and innovations that the uniform and promotional products industries have to offer. And while we recognize there are many awards programs out there, we know of no other that honors the manufacturers and distributors of uniforms and their contributions to further their company's bottom line.

Perfection Uniforms – Use Of Technology in a Product
A UNIVATOR winner for the third consecutive year, Brentwood-based manufacturer Perfection Uniforms continues to delight us with the originality, ideas and modern sensibility it brings to what is an undeniably traditional industry.

In its short existence as a company, Perfection has taken the best that technology has to offer and applied it successfully to a number of products in its law enforcement line. Its development of a permanent sleeve crease for Class A uniform shirts has this year caught our attention, resulting in another UNIVATOR for the company.

After significant trial and error, Perfection created a unique permanent sleeve crease to complement the traditional military sleeve creases on the front and back of a Class A public safety uniform shirt. The crease utilizes a special "Super Creaset" for technologically advanced fabrics (Nano treated), and is applied in a specially engineered method to ensure that the crease is in the middle, without variance.

The product has taken the law enforcement community by storm. In an industry where appearance matters, the revolutionary sleeve crease gives the wearer that "just pressed" professional look all day long. Moreover, the product gives those dealers distributing the product an opportunity to perfectly center an emblem on any shirt sleeve.

In the process of being trademarked, the Perfection Sleeve Crease was initially introduced in the StratusSeries performance poly/rayons and the SuperNaturalSeries performance of poly/wools, but will now be used in all Perfection Class A shirts. For more information,

Information on all Perfection Performance Series & the Perfection Valued Dealer Network is NOW AVAILABLE at
Perfection Uniforms, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is one of the fastest growing uniform companies in the US, and our uniforms are represented exclusively by the Unison Marketing Group , through a select network of valued, full service dealers.
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