Hatch Introduces Mustang Tac™ Extreme Grip Gloves

Hatch's Mustang Tac™ Gloves Oxnard, CA - Hatch's new Mustang Tac™ Extreme Grip Gloves provide unmatched grip for law enforcement, where positive weapon control and dexterity are essential.

The secret is the Mustang 'CoF' (Coefficient of Friction) oil tack suede palm from the world famous Pittards® Tannery in England. It provides grip far superior to that of standard leather in either wet or dry conditions. An additional WRX100 water resistant treatment helps to shed water quickly for further improved wet grip performance and prevents the absorption of perspiration. The palm retains its softness and feel even after prolonged use. The Spandex back breathes to keep hands cool and flexes for maximum dexterity. A hook and loop closure provides a secure fit.

Mustang Tac™ gloves are available in full or ? finger versions, black, grey, or brown.

For additional info on Hatch's Mustang Tac™ Extreme Grip Gloves or other products, please visit www.hatch-corp.com or call 800-767-1343.

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