Elbeco's New DutyMax with Nano-Dry Technology Gives Permanent Moisture Control and UPF40+ Protection

Elbeco DutyMax Reading, PA - Elbeco, the leading manufacturer of public service uniforms, introduces the new DutyMax rayon blend Class A uniform shirts featuring permanent moisture control and UPF 40+ ultraviolet protection. Adding performance features like stretch and Nano-Dry technology, Elbeco is also the first to offer a stock uniform shirt program with UV protection, revolutionizing Class A uniform shirts.

The new DutyMax fabric by Burlington Raeford is an ultra-durable (10/1) tropical weave featuring up to 8% stretch, heavy enough to withstand rugged public safety usage, yet not sacrificing comfort for durability. The DutyMax fabric is enriched with Nano-Dry technology, a molecularly-bonded enhancement that gives permanent moisture control to the fibers, allowing the polyester elements of the fabric to actively wick and breathe for the life of the garment.

The DutyMax is the first stock uniform shirt program to provide permanent UV protection with the maximum level of protection - UPF40+. This feature not only protects you, but also protects the garment, resisting color fading from exposure to outdoor environments. Now your uniforms not only look great, but also work hard to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Standard styling features include pleated pockets with a permanent pencil opening on the left side, shoulder strap sand permanent collar stays in Dark Navy, White, Silvertan, Medium Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Black and Brown. Special West Coast styles features include rounded, flat front pockets and a 1" metal grommet badge tab, available in Dark Navy (LAPD) and Silvertan. Creaset permanent military creases assure a crisp presentation every time.

For more information on DutyMax uniform shirts or Elbeco's other product lines, please visit www.elbeco.com

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