Video: Wash. inmate attacks CO during escort

Inmate subdued by three other COs, charged with third degree-assault

By C1 Staff

YAKIMA, Wash. — Surveillance video of a fight between a Yakima County inmate and a correctional officer has been released.

According to the Yakima Herald Republic, Julian Juarez, 22, was charged with third-degree assault March 28 for attacking Yakima County Department Corrections Officer Garrett Goettsch outside his cell on March 5. 

The video shows Goettsch escorting a handcuffed Juarez to a housing unit. Juarez, after Goettsch removed the handcuffs, is seen standing outside the door to the unit. At that point, the video shows Goettsch attempting to restrain Juarez, who resists, and the men begin exchanging blows in the corridor.

Goettsch is seen in the video firing an ECD at Juarez's lower torso, which causes the inmate to fall to the floor. After Juarez collapses, Goettsch is seen apparently kicking him in the side. Three corrections officers arrive and begin to restrain Juarez. One of the officers is seen punching the inmate several times in the lower back.

Juarez is scheduled to be arraigned April 7, according to the report

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