10 ways correctional officers jeopardize safety

Any of these things can place officers, correctional staff and inmates in harm's way

The number one goal of any corrections agency should be to keep everyone safe behind the prison walls. This can be accomplished through continuous training in areas such as inmate manipulation, spotting corruption among the ranks, correctional officer ethics, leadership skills and, most of all, knowledge of the agency’s policy and procedures.

Even with all the corrections training and education on offer, we still have some drifters who place officers and prison staff in jeopardy. Here are 10 ways officer safety can be threatened:

1. Failure to backup fellow officers

An officer call for backup requires immediate attention. All available officers must respond as soon as possible. You do not finish your coffee first or walk slowly to avoid arriving first on scene having to type a report. If report writing scares you, additional education in this area is available. Not responding to the aid of a fellow officer or running to get help at the most critical time your fellow officer needs you will not go unnoticed. Do not earn the reputation of “coward.” Cowardice is unacceptable and gets officers injured or worse. If you sign up for this job, you sign up for the entire job description.


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