Prosecutor: Staff need to be protected after Neb. inmate assaults COs

The inmate is serving four to six more years for the unprovoked attack on prison staff

Lori Pilger
Lincoln Journal Star, Neb.

LINCOLN, Neb. — A 21-year-old prison inmate who went to prison when he was 17 for stabbing a woman in the neck in North Platte on Thursday got four to six years more for an unprovoked attack on prison staff in Lincoln.

"I understand what I did was wrong," Jordan Baker said.

But, he said, he was young and stuck in segregation with a cellmate; if he refused to do what he was told to do there would have been repercussions.

"I wasn't thinking about this, where I'd be right now, at the time," Baker said.

Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Jeff Mathers said the assault on two corrections officers on April 3 and the earlier assault that sent Baker to prison in 2014 both were unprovoked, surprise attacks.

"Watching the video makes it clear to me ... how dangerous a job the men and women who work in these institutions have. They need to be protected," he said.

Deputy Public Defender John Jorgensen said Baker really was a product of the penal system but has hope for the future.

Lancaster County District Judge Susan Strong said while Baker already has lost more than 700 days of good-time credit over what happened, a point made by Jorgensen, she owes the public protection.

"I also owe it to our correctional staff to try to prevent this from happening again and try to deter anyone from this type of an attack," she said.


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