Rikers Island’s ‘most violent’ inmate attacks CO in emergency room bathroom

The inmate who attacked the CO is now facing felony assault charges

By CorrectionsOne Staff

MEDINA, N.Y. — A former Rikers Island inmate who was known for her violent streak is continuing her ways after being transferred.

Aniah Ferguson, known as “Rikers Island’s most violent inmate” before she was transferred to the Albion Correctional Facility, attacked a corrections officer while in the bathroom during an emergency room visit, The Daily News Online reports.

Ferguson had her mechanical restraints removed from one of her wrists while in the bathroom of the emergency room. When a female corrections officer attempted to put the restraint back on, Ferguson allegedly punched her several times with her free hand.

“She broke her other hand free from the officer and continued the assault with both fists,” Joe Miano, Western Region vice president for New York State Correctional Officers Police Benevolent Association, wrote in a press release. “The officer yelled for help and two officers and a supervisor came to the scene.”

Ferguson was handcuffed and returned to her room in the ER and later returned to the Albion Correctional Facility.

The officer sustained contusions on her eye, head and face and had a bloody nose. She was treated and released.

Ferguson, who is serving a six-year sentence at the corrections facility for gang assault, robbery and assault, now faces felony assault charges.

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