Poem: In My Mind’s Eye

A correctional officer’s wife details the sacrifices CO families make in this moving poem

Calling all poets! CorrectionsOne’s new poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

This month’s poem was written by Jacqueline Jackson, who runs Heirs of Restraint, a support group devoted to the spiritual, emotional and physical support of all corrections officers.

“With a husband in corrections work, I am familiar with the sacrifices a family makes,” said Jackson. “This poem was inspired by a conversation while at an institution ministering to corrections officers. An officer was expressing a common grief related to missing so many things with his children due to being on duty. I am a public school teacher, and I have students with a parent serving as a corrections officer, so I hear the cry of their hearts as well.”


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In My Mind’s Eye

Your son was in my class today

I watched his falling tear,

We had a parent’s party

He was wishing you were here.

Your department said you had no choice

Staying over was mandatory,

“I hope to be there next time, son”

Was your familiar returning story.

He does not yet understand

That you are kept at work again,

Someone has to stay on the watch

And keep the offenders in.

I tried to offer him consolation

And told him you were a hero to us all,

I told him I was thankful for the work you do

Each day inside the wall.

Corrections work has its prices

There are many I see who pay,

Thank you for making the sacrifices

And keeping us safe another day.

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