40 inmates attack COs at NY prison

Six COs were attacked by a swarm of inmates after an inmate began fighting one of the officers

By CorrectionsOne Staff

STORMVILLE, NY  — Six corrections officers were injured during an attack involving a group of 40 inmates on May 8.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the attack sparked when an inmate assaulted an officer who wouldn’t let him use a phone in the prison yard because he didn’t have identification. The inmate punched the officer in the head, face and upper body, as well as kicked and punched other officers who arrived to subdue him.

Around 40 inmates surrounded the officers and began attacking them. An officer at a rooftop post fired tear gas into the crowd twice, but the attack didn’t cease.

After tear gas was fired a third time, the inmates stopped and complied with orders to return to their cells.

The inmate who initiated the incident was restrained and taken to special housing. Two other inmates were also taken to special housing units.

One of the officers was treated for abrasions, bruising and swelling. The others remained on duty with minor injuries.

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