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Get the right people on scene rapidly in a crisis and keep track of who worked when

Automated scheduling technology can help public safety agencies with employee notification and cost recovery for emergency staffing
Sufficient staffing is a critical need for police and correctional agencies 24/7/365. Whether it’s an emergency response during a natural or man-made disaster or ensuring adequate coverage for special events, the public safety workforce (and budgets) can be stretched thin.

Labor costs for disaster response represent one of the largest operational expenses for any agency involved. Unfortunately, manual scheduling and notification systems make it difficult, if not impossible, to respond quickly with adequate personnel resources and track who worked, when they worked, where they worked and for how long so that those labor expenses can be allocated to the right cost center and reported accurately.
Download the free white paper to learn how automated scheduling technology can help your agency:
Quickly fill positions and get the right responders on scene with rapid two-way communication via interactive voice response and texting technologies.
Track employee hours, exceptions, overtime, work types, skills, certifications and more for reporting, training and payroll purposes.
Provide an accurate and auditable trail of labor expenses after the fact to help ensure complete cost recovery.

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