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Cellsense Plus Detects Cell Phones, Weapons & Contraband

Cellsense Plus is the world’s most portable full body scanner. Detects weapons as well as all cell phones, on or off, even when concealed in the body.
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Mission™ Less Lethal Offers Direct Access to a Full Range of Products

Contact Mission™ Less Lethal Technologies for information on our corrections kit, trade-up, training and mission support program.
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Optimize Your Training with Blended Learning

Better prepare your officers with CorrectionsOne Academy - a complete training solution with 250 videos, 50 online courses and a tool to track offline skills classes.
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B-SCAN — Inmate X-ray Body Scanner for Security Checkpoints

The B-SCAN series provides a security solution for people screening, enabling the detection of objects and threats concealed internally or externally on the body.
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