June 20, 2019 | View as webpage
Texas sheriff's sergeant dies after found with head injuries
Deputies who found the LEO in his car initially thought he had been shot, leading LE personnel to swarm the area
Woman who helped in Dannemora prison break is denied parole
A parole board decision released Thursday says Joyce Mitchell will remain behind bars for at least two more years
Convicted killer of NYPD explorer accused of attacking CO
One of the men convicted of murdering a NYPD explorer jumped a CO, dislocating the officer's shoulder
Poll finds Californians split in support of death penalty
The poll found that 52% back Newsom's moratorium compared to 48% who oppose the governor's actions
What would you do if a staff member shared your personal info with an inmate?
By Tier Talk
Here are the steps you should take if an inmate finds out something personal about you
Silent no more: Officers need a lifeline, too
By Liz Barton
Treatment is available to help responders struggling with mental health disorders and substance use
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