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NYC activists having big impact on debate over Rikers replacement plan
The group could play a key role as City Council members and the mayor’s office hammer out the details of de Blasio’s plan
Prosecutor: CO stole $6K raised in memory of colleague
Report: R. Kelly written up for refusing to take a cellmate at federal jail
Ala. jail to replace locks after discovering inmates were able to open cell doors
Troubled jail in Cleveland saw drug incidents rise in 2018
Conn. police join a growing trend of offering addicts treatment over jail
Healthcare Issues in the Correctional Facility
Provide your personnel with the skills to handle healthcare in the prison system with courses that cover a range of healthcare issues.
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Principles for success as a CO: State law
By Brandon Anderson
It is critical you stay informed with all current state law that governs how jails and prisons operate, especially in regard to use of force
Failure to provide sex change is not cruel and unusual punishment
By Ken Wallentine
Scott Lynn Gibson asserted that sexual reassignment surgery is essential medical care and denying the surgery violates the Eighth Amendment
5 ways video analytics can improve correctional facility security
By Melissa Mann
Through the provision of efficient, detailed, real-time data, video analytics give correctional facilities the tools to identify threats and enhance safety
Eye in the sky: Using drones to boost correctional facility security
By James Careless
In the right hands, drones can be a powerful asset to any correctional facility, rather than a recurrent threat
6 ways to protect your K-9s on the job
From vet visits to ballistic vests and drug detection tools, follow these tips to promote the health and safety of your four-legged officers.
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