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Ariz. CO found dead in court building
Officer Brian Krumm died of a gunshot wound and was alone when he died
Serial killer who preyed on gay men executed in Fla.
No more ‘convicts’ or ‘felons’ if San Francisco passes criminal justice language proposal
Inmate moved to different jail after photo shows him outside his cell
Ohio prosecutor: Execute prison murderers before they kill again
Escaped inmate, murder suspect kills himself as cops surround his car
6 Ways to Protect Your K-9s On the Job
From vet visits to ballistic vests and drug detection tools, follow these tips to promote the health and safety of your four-legged officers.
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How to avoid being a “Me and I” leader
By Cory Nelson
In all areas of law enforcement, there is rarely a case where anything of significance is accomplished individually
How to protect yourself from the stresses of the job
By Tier Talk
The job can take a serious toll on your mental health - here's how to take care of yourself
How to develop and fund a body-worn camera program for corrections
By Tim Dees
Video technologies are transforming law enforcement operations; what considerations go into the deployment of bodycams in correctional facilities?
How to buy an inmate transport video surveillance system (and why you should)
By Melissa Mann
A vehicle video surveillance system can alleviate COs and agencies of any liability in the midst of an unpredictable incident during inmate transport
Correctional Deputy I
Riverside, California - $39,291.82 - $75,114 annually
Inmate Calls and Convenience Increase at Vigo County Community Corrections
Securus Technologies offers affordable option to replace collect calls and phone cards.
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