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Should National Guard patrol NC prisons?
Gov. Roy Cooper should consider deploying the North Carolina National Guard to provide emergency help for the state’s critically understaffed prisons, two lawmakers say.
Video: Inmates clap for cop death suspect
Five inmates who applauded as the man charged with the fatal shooting of a Chicago LEO was led by their cell could face reprisals.
Chief: Stiffer penalties for inmates who attack COs
Five prison employees were fatally attacked inside NC prisons last year. The new prison chief plans to ask lawmakers for legislation targeting inmates who attack COs.
Prison returned $3M while union raised concerns
Despite repeated appeals to executives, union officials say they've been consistently told the cash for needed equipment isn't there.
Are we making PTSD epidemic in corrections?
As with many trends, PTSD awareness can spawn some misguided efforts that fail to fully address the issues.
Advice for working with female inmates
An officer is looking to switch facilities and received an offer to transfer to a female facility. Should he do it?
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